What to Expect from Lower Fairfield County Real Estate

Lower Fairfield County represents the southwestern part of the state of Connecticut, independent of the panhandle. The area is well-known for its beautiful waterfront homes and quaint, walkable neighborhoods. Some Manhattan executives make the 50-mile commute to New York City, often via the New Haven railroad commuter line. Many other wealthy businessmen have retired to the area. Lower Fairfield County has been featured in several books and movies.

If you’re not familiar with Lower Fairfield County real estate, we’re going to give you an overview of some of the area’s best neighborhoods. This article should be especially helpful if you’re considering a move to southwestern Connecticut. Several neighborhoods make up the Gold Coast, but New Canaan real Estate and Darien real Estate remain two of the most popular choices for buyers.

Fairfield County, Connecticut real estate

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Weston residents have a high median household income in the state of Connecticut, at just over $207,000. Around 10,000 people call Weston home. The median home value in the area is $840,000, according to the 2020 census. In this area, nearly 98% of homes are owner-occupied, and among that number, 95% were living in the same home one year ago.

New Canaan

New Canaan is a larger community than Weston, with just over 20,000 residents. The median home value in New Canaan is nearly $1.3 million, but only 81% of homes are owner-occupied. 89% of those individuals have lived in their home for longer than one year, so there may be more New Canaan real estate to be had than what you might currently see in Weston. The median income in New Canaan is $200,000.


Darien is the wealthiest town on our list so far, with a median household income of $243,000 among its 21,000 residents. On average, homes are worth nearly $1.5 million, with almost 86% of homes being owner-occupied and 91% of those residences lasting at least one year. You can see why Darien real estate is a hot topic among many in the area.


There are more than 18,000 residents in the town of Wilton, with a median household income of $204,000. The median home value in Wilton is just over $785,000, with 88% of these homes being owner-occupied. Meanwhile, 91% of those residents have lived in their current property for at least a year.


Westport is a larger community than most on this list, with over 27,000 residents. These residents are typically affluent, with a median household income of over $222,000 and a median home value of $1.16 million. 86% of homes are owner-occupied, and about 90% of homeowners have been settled for over a year.


Easton, Conn., is home to around 7,500 people. The median household income in this area is about $167,000, and the median home value is just over $630,000. 88% of homes are owner-occupied, and 90% of those homeowners have called Easton home for at least one year.


Ridgefield boasts a little more than 25,000 residents. The median household income is just around $152,000. Homes in this area post a median value of $656,000, but only 84% of those homes are owner-occupied. Of those owner-occupied homes, 91% of owners are at least one year into their residence.


Redding is not the largest city on this list, with just under 9,000 people as of the 2020 census. The median household income is $135,000, but at $578,000, the median home value can come as a shock compared to other statistics on this list. 84% of those homes are owner-occupied, 89% for at least one year.

So, what can you do with all this information? This list should give you an idea of what it may cost to live in one of these communities and what sort of number you may be looking at to purchase a home. It may also help you envision which areas could have more properties on the market and where listings may be more difficult to come by.

In general, inventory is short in the entire area, following a recent nationwide trend since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, there are homes to be had if you’re willing to act fast. If you’re ready to move forward, The Marchesi Team is willing to speak with you anytime. The team is successful and experienced in the Lower Fairfield County area. They are knowledgeable about the area and will be able to answer any questions you may have about New Canaan real estate, Darien real estate, or any other Lower Fairfield County neighborhood you may want to explore. Contact The Marchesi Team today.

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